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Multi Flora Forest Honey 300 GM


‘- Honey improve metabolism, which keeps our body slim and fit.

– It is a rich source of antioxidants and helps Help prevent premature aging, cardiovascular diseases and improve eyesight.

– Honey has anti-inflammatory effects. It is used to relieve a cough, cold and sore throat pain.

– Honey has the ability to prevent ulcers

– Abundant glucose and fructose in this honey provide slow release of sustained energy lasting for hours

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Multiflora honey is minimally processed and filtered preserving the inherent properties to make it suitable for daily usage. This honey is a perfect alternative for white sugar and abundant glucose and fructose in this honey provides a slow release of sustained energy lasting for hours.

Bees collect honey nectar from any one variety of flowers, which is called floral fidelity. At Honey D’lite, we care to collect uni-floral honey through various seasons to bring you our special varietal honey at its purest form from nature.

Honey should not be refrigerated, refrigeration accelerates the rate of crystallisation. Crystallisation is a natural process in which liquid honey becomes solid. If honey crystallises, place the honey jar in warm water to reverse the process. Keep honey in room temperature.

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Weight 650 kg
Dimensions 12 × 15 × 22 cm


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