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Organic Turmeric Powder 200 GM


‘- Anti Bacterial and Excellent for getting rid of Acne and Dry Skin

– A good Anti-Oxidant to have in the morning with Honey or with Milk before sleep

– Supports the Digestive system | Help improve immunity | Has Anti – Inflammation Properties

– Has more than 5% of Curcumin content

– Can be used for cooking as well

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Turmeric, a yellow astringent spice once known as the “poor man’s saffron,” is increasing its utility in palates worldwide. Turmeric powder is a foundational ingredient in the vast majority of Indian dishes and is no new additive for foodies and cultural enthusiasts. That being said, many people do not realize turmeric’s versatile uses outside of cooking.

Turmeric is a sort of “duct-tape of spices;” if you can dream it, turmeric is probably useful for it! From cooking spice to health product, the benefits of having a regular turmeric powder party are endless. You can eat it, put it on your skin, bathe in it, drink it, and even plaster it into your hair! A daily spoonful of organic turmeric powder has traditionally been used to support:

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