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Ayurveda Acharya Vaidyan

Kollasseril Govindan

Kunju Panicker

1914 to 1973

Ayurveda Acharya Vaidyan

Vallomparambath Panickassery

Govindan Vaidyar

1918 to 1990


Ayurveda Acharya Vaidyan KGK Panicker (Kollasseril Govindan Kunju Panicker), a doyen in the field of Ayurveda, founded Kerala Ayurveda in 1945 at Aluva, Kochi. He started his Mission with a Philosophy to promote the richness of Ayurveda Tradition by providing Quality Products and Services to Mankind. Before the formation of Kerala State there were two organisations of the Ayurveda physicians. Under the initiative of Vaidyan K.G.K Panicker the Travancore based Ayurveda Vaidya Mahamandalam and the Malabar based Ayurveda Congress were brought together and an organisation under the name and style of Kerala Ayurveda Mandalam was formed.

One among the glorious 7 generations of Vallomparambath Panickassery Tharavad of famous Ayurveda Physicians, Govindan Vaidyar had his education at the Government High School and studied Sanskrit from the great scholar, Vaduthala Sankaran Nair. He was taught Ashtanga Hrdayam and other Ayurveda treatment systems by Vaidyan Kallayil Kumara Menon. He also worked directly under Nalumalakkal Kaakku vaidyar, the great Ayurveda scholar of those times for over 10 years before he ventured on his own to start Jai Hind Pharmacy in 1940 at Kodungallur (erstwhile Cranganore).

Apart from the vibrant heritage and legendary Eight decades long service in the Ayurvedic healthcare industry globally, with a portfolio of 500+ classical medicines and 100+ proprietary Ayurvedic formulations, Aarshaveda Wellness is a natural torchbearer of the lineage, under the leadership of Mr. Venkatesh Anilkumar, grandson of Ayurveda Acharya Vaidyan KGK Panicker from his paternal side and Acharya Vaidyan Govindan Vaidyar from his maternal side, both doyens in the field of Ayurveda, with a mission to promote the richness of Ayurveda tradition by providing quality products and services across the globe.

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