How is Dasapushpam Mom Oil beneficial for the healthiest pregnancy?

How is Dasapushpam Mom Oil beneficial for the healthiest pregnancy?

All an expecting woman hears during her pregnancy is a never-ending flood of dos and don'ts. Lunch meats should not be consumed. To avoid mercury poisoning, limit your non-vegetarian intake, but include healthy fish in your diet. During this state, you must avoid anything you previously enjoyed. And this can make the 'soon to be mom' apprehensive if you wish to use any kind of product.

So, do pregnant women have to be concerned about taking essential oils during their pregnancy? Let's break down critical information needed to make well-informed decision if you choose to use essential oils during your pregnancy routine for your convenience.

Why use Dasapushpam Mom Oil?

Allow this all-natural, Ayurvedic oil made from an old recipe to give your skin a healthy shine during and after pregnancy. It's typical for your oestrogen levels and progesterone to rise during pregnancy. This causes melanocytes to produce too much melanin, resulting in black patches and other hyper-pigmentation on your skin. During the post-partum phase, the skin's condition remains unchanged. Since cosmetic procedures are not recommended during pregnancy, it would also be suitable to restore the lustre and radiance of your natural skin through natural means.

During pregnancy, DASAPUSHPAM MOM OIL will maximise the secretion of the skin's natural oils, maintain the pores open, and effectively eliminate the flaking of dead cells on the surface. The breastfeeding mother needs to have the healthiest, secure, and sanitary skin possible during pregnancy.

How do Herbal Ingredients help?

Mom oil's natural ingredients offer your skin enough antibacterial and anti-inflammatory characteristics to keep your baby safe while being close to you. Stretch marks, which are streaks of pale white lines on the belly, are another concern for a mother after the child is born. The therapeutic components in DASAPUSHPAM MOM OIL's composition help offer the essential buffing and polishing to gradually eliminate these markings.


An ancient formula for nourishing and toning the skin of pregnant and postpartum women.

Nurtures the scalp and encourages the growth of healthy hair.

Dasapushpam, Red Sandalwood, Kutki, and Jadamansi are all-natural and Ayurvedic ingredients in this product.

Maintains the health of your skin during pregnancy and after delivery.

It both prevents and heals. Scars, rashes, stretch marks, and dry skin

Things to be avoided, concerning oils!

The list of oils to avert is much longer than the list of oils that are safe to use while pregnant. But, in general, it's because these oils haven't been subjected to enough testing and study to ensure that they're safe to use while pregnant, even when used as directed. There is a danger of toxicity with several of these essential oils if a pregnant woman takes more than the suggested dose. Sage, aniseed, rue, basil, oak mass, wormwood, mugwort, and other herbs are among them.


Essential oils could be a good alternative to medication for alleviating some common pregnant symptoms including nausea. When utilised as a part of an aromatherapy strategy, they're also a terrific way to naturally alleviate anxiety during birth. Working with a licenced doctor and using oils in the recommended dosages is always a good idea.

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