Saffron Revival Serum 40 ml

Saffron Revival Serum 40 ml

After cleansing and before moisturizing an excellent face serum delivers nourishment, hydration, and protection to your skin. It hydrates, nourishes, and soothes the skin, eliminates blemishes, gives anti-aging benefits, and protects the skin from further damage.

When to use Serums?

Most face serums can be used safely twice a day, once in the morning on a rightly cleansed face before applying the remainder of your makeup and once before going to bed. However, read the directions on the serum's label for any further information on how to use the serum. Some serums should be avoided during the day, while others perform at their best when the sun shines.

What should be the amount of the Serum?

When it comes to face serums, a little goes a long way because serums are quite strong and have a high active components concentration. To allow the product to permeate your skin rapidly, apply a thin, light coating to your face. Nearly 2 pumps or a pea-sized amount of face serum is sufficient as a general rule of thumb.

Correct application of Serum

Serums are supposed to be applied to your face in little tapping strokes with your fingertips or palms, as opposed to other skincare products like heavy face creams and moisturizers that are massaged into your skin in an upward manner. Allow the serum to sink into your skin naturally rather than rubbing it in.

What ingredients does Saffron Revival Serum contain?

How does it benefit the skin?

  1. Saffron Revival Serum does not include bleach, parabens, TEA, DEA, Silicones or PEGs, aroma, or synthetic colors.
  2. Because sun exposure is the leading cause of severe skin problems reported by people all over the world, research reveals that our 100 percent natural Ayurveda Serum, which is made up of roughly 26 herbs, has a lot of promise for sun protection, as well as boosting skin tone and shine.
  3. Kumkumadi tailam, which is high in Kesar and licorice, is combined with aloe vera, vitamin E, and cocoa butter in this serum. It helps to lighten skin, erase dark spots, and protect against UV rays when used on a daily basis.
  4. Enhances skin lightening and improves skin tone. It's a thorough beauty regimen based on ancient Ayurveda for all skin types. Contains kumkumadi thailam, which has been clinically proven to protect the skin from the sun's harmful rays, or Sunscreen made from natural ingredients Kesar, shalparni, majistha, and haldi improves skin texture and tone.
  5. Due to the inclusion of brihati, chandan, and bael, it is beneficial for skin issues such as acne, tanning, dry skin, and pigmentation.

Why is Saffron Revival Serum gaining traction?

A silky hydrating night serum that can be used every night. Traditional kumkumadi Thailam is used in this formula to help minimize the look of redness, discoloration, and dullness. It also aids in the restoration of skin clarity and suppleness.

When to use Toner and when to use Serum?

This is for you, if you've been using Toners for a long time and want to know when to use a serum. Toners clean and balance your skin's pH levels, whilst serums do the same but with a higher concentration. Although these two products have a similar look to the water, serums are thicker.

Choose your best Serum

With so many face serums available on the market, it can seem like an obstacle when choosing a serum for your skin type. We’ve made it simple with our Saffron Revival Serum. We are sure that it will soon become one of your favorite Aarshaveda skincare items as soon as you start to see the benefits of this face serum for yourself.

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