The 10 Sacred Flowers – Dasapushpam

Dasapushpam (The Ten flowers) are a group of ten herbs, which have a very important place in the healing & spiritual tradition of Kerala. These sacred herbs were used to worship and to make medicines. The Ayurveda healers of Kerala have been using the Dasapushpam traditionally to make oils to fight skin diseases, especially in infants. Most of the herbs in this group has strong proven anti-microbial activity and can prevent an array of skin diseases. The oil made out of Dasapushpam is a good solution to day to day skin problems like dry skin and help to achieve a lustrous complexion. Therefore Dasapushpam oil was used to massage the new-born daily before a herbal bath. This practice ensured proper build up of immunity in the new born and adequate skin care.

Ayurveda utilizes various herbal preparations to rejuvenate the body and cure diseases. Fairly good collection of plants over 200 taxa used in Ayurveda include Dasapushpam, The ten sacred Flowers / Plants have a very important place in the healing & spiritual tradition of Kerala and its culture.
As per the Tradition of Kerala, the women wears Dasapushpam garland on their head for it was considered sacred. In front of the household shrine, the ten sacred plants of dasapushpam were displayed in a gleaming brass plate in the Malayalam month of Karkkidakam (the monsoon season in Kerala) in the olden days. It was also prescribed by the rajavaidyas (doctors of the king) to the ladies to wear these plants on their head, due to the medicinal value imparted by them.