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Virgin Coconut Oil Cold Pressed 200 ML

Virgin Coconut Oil Cold Pressed 200 ML

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– Whole kernel oil – made with the seed coat on for higher levels of antioxidants, fatty acids, minerals and vitamins.

– Pure | Natural | Fresh | Unrefined | Cold Pressed | 500 ml

– Natural Skin Conditioner and provides high levels of nutrients to the Hair

– Can be used for Oil Pulling | Cooking | Baking

– Can be used as baby oil as VCO is very good for Infant skin


Virgin coconut oil is the oil extracted from coconuts without the application of heat. It is rapidly gaining popularity throughout the world in comparison to ordinary coconut oil and for a good reason. There is, in fact, a substance called virgin coconut oil and it differs from regular coconut oil in significant ways. These differences mainly lie with the source (more specifically, the physical form of the source), the method of extraction, and its subsequent benefits.

Benefits Of Virgin Coconut Oil

Since it is not subjected to heat (even if it is, it is subjected to very low heat), sunlight, and is extracted from fresh (non-dried) coconuts with a different process of extraction, virgin coconut oil is certainly richer in benefits than ordinary coconut oil. It is higher in vitamin content, antioxidants (which are nil or negligible in ordinary coconut oil), minerals, medium chain fatty acids, taste, fragrance, and even the amount of protein. The shelf life of virgin coconut oil is very long, much longer than any other edible oil and its own variant, the RBD (Refined Bleached Deodorized) coconut oil. Also, it does not go rancid easily. Due to the presence of high amounts of lauric and capric acid, the prospect of using VCO in aiding the treatment of AIDS is also being explored.

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