Dasapushpam Baby Oil 200 ML

Product Description: Aarshaveda’s Dasapushpam Baby Oil is a gentle yet potent Ayurvedic elixir crafted to...

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Product Description: Aarshaveda’s Dasapushpam Baby Oil is a gentle yet potent Ayurvedic elixir crafted to nurture and protect the delicate skin of infants. Enriched with the essence of ten sacred flowers, this all-natural blend harnesses the power of nature to provide unparalleled nourishment and immunity support. Infused in the purest virgin coconut oil, it serves as a holistic skin and scalp tonic, fostering a healthy and resilient barrier against environmental stressors.

Product Benefits:

1.    Gentle Nourishment: Dasapushpam Skin Immunity Oil delivers deep hydration and nourishment to your baby's delicate skin, keeping it soft, supple, and radiant. The combination of ten sacred flowers and virgin coconut oil replenishes moisture, preventing dryness and irritation, and promoting overall skin health.
2.    Enhanced Skin Immunity: Formulated with Ayurvedic principles, this oil strengthens the skin's natural defenses, bolstering immunity against environmental pollutants, microbes, and allergens. Regular use helps fortify the skin's protective barrier, reducing the risk of infections and inflammations.
3.    Soothing Scalp Care: Say goodbye to dry scalp and cradle cap with Dasapushpam Skin Immunity Oil's soothing properties. Massage gently onto the scalp to moisturize and nourish the skin, promoting a healthy scalp environment and preventing flakiness.
4.    Calming Massage: Create bonding moments with your little one through the gentle art of massage. Dasapushpam Skin Immunity Oil provides the perfect glide, allowing your hands to effortlessly caress and soothe your baby's skin. The calming aroma of the sacred flowers adds an extra layer of relaxation, fostering a sense of tranquility and well-being.
5.    Pure and Natural: Rest easy knowing that only the finest ingredients touch your baby's skin. Dasapushpam Skin Immunity Oil is free from harsh chemicals, artificial fragrances, and synthetic additives, making it safe and gentle for even the most sensitive skin types. Embrace the purity of nature and nurture your baby's skin with the love it deserves.

Ingredients: It consists of Vishnukranti, Durva, Bhringaraja, Sakralatha, Kalamusali, Bhadrika, Sahadevi, Sasakarni, Lakshmana, Lajjalu, Hrivera,Tagara, Ela, Twak, Sariba, Tamalapatra, Agaru, Nalikerataila and Virgin Coconut.

How to Use: With gentle yet firm strokes, massage the oil onto your baby's skin, starting from the head and working your way down to the toes. Take your time to bond with your baby and allow the oil to be absorbed fully.


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Nijo Antony

Excellent both the product and service